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i thought about trying the Emerald Fire pepper this year, but since I tested the Mammoth pepper against other varieties over the years with good results in my climate; I decided to stick with the Mammoth peppers. If I tried the Emerald Fire, I would have to give up one or two spaces where the Mammoth plants would have been planted.

I've grown Jalamundo, Whopper, and Mucho Nacho in the past and found them to be very good peppers, but in my garden, and in my climate; not as good as Mammoth.

I've always thought the outer skin of Jalapeno peppers which crack (corking) is very similar to the opaque outer skin on tomatoes. On Jalapenos which "cork", the skin seems to stop expanding or stretching as the pepper expands within' causing it to crack. If I eat a pepper before it corks, I don't notice the skin. If I eat a jalapeno after it corks, the skin seems to have the texture of plastic wrap and I don't like it.

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