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Originally Posted by My Foot Smells View Post
I thought peat was the main ingredient in potting mix across the universe.

Maybe said advice was a blunder from down under? You can't really say something like that and not have something to back it up with, imo. Maybe the local peat is different (per article above), I mean are all peats created the same? IDK

In regards to the statement don't believe everything you read:

"Those that read are misinformed, those that do not read are uninformed"

I use a soilless mix too though, although I have used a boatload of potting mix previously as seed starter, the "expense" for a seed starter mix is not really relevant due to how many seeds I sow. This year I got a brick that you squirt down and it grows. Still got some.
I am not for sure what the original poster was referring to.
Peat moss or peat is a product of a bog.
Acidic and is a preservative.
Takes years to develop.
Sphagnum moss is like now and grows in trees and so forth.
'The old cars and trucks used to use it as a filling in the seats.
Somewhere along the road the two got confused and mixed up with each other.
Did Someone Mention Food????

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