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oh man. Thank you everyone! It was great to see Barbee, Gary, Jerry, Earl, Susan, Ray, the youngest tomato grower/prettiest contest winner, and everyone else! sorry, im on tomato-brain overload!

Thanks so much to Barbee, Earl, and the younger dark haired couple at the left back for the leftovers!

We visited my dad on the way home, and I bought a bag of ice to put over the cut tomatoes.... we got home and I threw the cut ones in pans in the oven with onions, garlic, roasted peppers, fresh basil and oregano.

Most of the larger whole tomatoes went into juice- I saved seeds from a number of them. Ill be bugging Barbee for her abbreviations list!

Gary said his friend in Appalachia does distribute seeds, but mostly of KY heirlooms- Barbee, do you have any place youd like the seeds donated or would you like them?

I dont grow a lot else, but ive got salad burnet seeds, and ill have borage, as well as seeds for the Romanian tomatoes. Let me know if I can do anything in return!

Cossak Pineapple ground cherry is one tasty fruit! im still processing thoughts on the large tomatoes, but we both like Stump of the World. my Jerry says thanks too!
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