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This bulb is off of a smaller plant. Actually it is just a hair shy of 2" diameter which is the perfect size for planting again.
Most of what I've seen says keep all the bulbs between 1.75" and 2.5" and sell everything under as Medium and everything above as jumbo.
Most of the plants I've pulled in the last 10 days or so are right at or around 2" diameter.
I think we are all used to seeing the California or Chinese white sofnecks in the store that are jumbo size.
The garlic websites I research that sell, all list the eating garlic at 2" or smaller. They are saving the 2-2.5" for seeds sales or replanting on their own farm. If they are growing jumbo bulbs, they sell those as eating too.
But I can see where the customer is used to seeing the jumbos in the stores. But this is not the same product, so there has to be some education that they should not expect a jumbo product because it is gourmet hardenck varieties.

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