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I trialed a number of Russian hearts this year and concluded their historical OP varieties are more reliable than their F1 strains. OPs: Danko, EM-Champion, Mazarin, Pink Honey. Hybrids: Amber Heart F1, Sweet Heart F1. Like yours decherdt, my seeds were from SibSad-nsk. Somebody had suggested to grow both Danko and EM-Champion since at least one of them will do well in any summer. That was good advice since although EM-Champion was covered with flowers, very few of them set fruit, while Danko was remarkable, a tiny plant only a foot or so tall absolutely covered in very large fruit. Mazarin turned out to be excellent in the driest spot in my garden and with Pink Honey I tried one from SibSad and a second from Ohio Heirlooms. Next year it will be Danko, Eagle's Beak, EM-Champion, Golden Heart, Mazarin, Pink Honey (SibSad), Wolf Fang and Zest.

Fastest growing heart I have ever seen is Old Italian Pink from Casey's Heirloom. Remarkable.

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