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Default Potting mixture for transplant & pests?

Hi all,

My tomato and pepper seedlings are doing well, have several sets of true leaves and I need to transplant into cups -- have about 4 weeks before putting in the garden.

I read some threads here about potting soil, I'm tempted to just go with Miracle Gro since it's locally available, but have seen reviews that the soil was sometimes contaminated with gnats & other pests -- I would love to know what more experienced growers do, should I microwave the soil before transplanting, or are there some soils that never have pests in them?

Thanks for any info! And, where can I get PromixBX that's the real thing?

Jan H.

p.s. just saw the thread about the poor fella that lost all the seedlings, I may reconsider Miracle Gro. . .

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