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"P.S. If you have any room, I still have about 20 plants left!" Very Funny, I've got no room left at the inn!
"But the master bedroom is pretty big!" No comment!
(I'm a computer idiot and don't know how you all are making boxes of what another person said in your message.)

A hand count and vote is a good idea. We need an official date or have people choose between a couple dates. Like I told you before, I'm going to Cincinnati the 18th 19th weekend for CHOPTAG. I have that week off so the 25th or 26th works out best for me. The next weekend is Labor Day which would be bad for many people. I think we should do it the 25th or 26th and then use that weekend every year. Most people should have a good amount of tomatoes at that time. What do you think?
I also forgot to tell you the Swap people cook great and always bring too much, so we definitely will have lots of wonderful food.
Oh and I went to the Bond Lake plant sale that Rob from Niagara told me about. I didn't meet him, but I met his niece. It was funny. She was confused at first about who I was. Then she said, "Oh tomatoes," like I was in a cult.
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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