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Default It's March ... time for MAGTAG planning!

Hi, all - is everybody up for MAGTAG VIII? Which Saturday in August is best for all of you? Let me know and I'll reserve our usual pavillion.

One thing - even if you have the mealiest, yuckiest-looking tomatoes on earth on the day of the festival, please bring them. Two of our most-reliable attendees were unable to supply any tomatoes for the tasting last year, and we had a much more limited assortment for the tasting. It seems as if we have more attendees every year, but fewer folks bringing the fruits of their harvest. Please, please, bring tomatoes if you can!

I'm growing some of Trudi's winter-sown seeds this year, in an effort to grow something other than my usual varieties. Well, of course I'm growning Sungold and Black Cherry, but this year's list also includes Red & Black Boar, Moon Yellow, Chesapeake, Lucky Cross and Early Kus Ali, along with the ubiquitous Black Krim and Cherokee Purple.
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