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Originally Posted by BSue54 View Post
I know, Ray - I know.... but there are two points he keeps raising. He already has the perf pipe... and there aren't any hydroponic stores in Cut-N-Shoot.... population 1158... I'm sure we could find something in Houston but.... they didn't have it at Lowe's and that's as adventurous as he was willing to be.

I know there is bound to be someplace around here that sells them but I be jiggered if I can figure out where.
I answered the other thread on the sock type wicking but wanted to say that one replacement for the net pot that can be found at lowe's and home depot are found in the same area as the drain pipes he is using they are used as ends to those pipes and come in various sizes 3" and up. They look like a super heavy duty net pot. The cost starts at about 5-6 bux but least its another option for people.
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