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Originally Posted by rnewste View Post

Please do not use these. The openings are far too large, and the potting mix will flow out of those.

I still think spending all of a "Buck - twenty-five" is the ONLY way to go, if you have a Hydroponics Shop within range.

I saw those when I was at Home Depot, returning the 'wrong' fertilizer my DH picked up for me. I thought... too heavy, and too expensive. I am cheap so came home and drilled holes in 5 yougurt containers that happened to measure 4 1/2" x 5"...haven't gotten the holes cut in the water tables yet - had to find the right drill to fit the hole saw arbor... then cook dinner.

Any idea about how many holes should be in the improvised wicking basket? I used the 3/16" drill bit and used the "random, about 1" apart" theme from the water table. I suppose that if the planting medium on the first I assemble takes forever to get wet, I can always drill more holes
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