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Thanks Betsy.

I tried planting a mustard mix in a 30'x4' part of my yard. Unfortunately, I started it late and it is only a few inches tall. In theory, it should be about 4-5' high by mid next month. Oh well, I think that I will continue to use this bed for cukes and squash. They both did well last year.

I had problems with F Wilt and Nematodes 2 years ago in the 30x4' bed. This year, I had problems with nematodes in the 7x4' bed.

I am going to take my chances with tomatoes in the 7x4' bed. Since last, year, I have grown fennel, dill, snap peas (unsuccessfully) and lots of parsley in this bed. I have added lots of compost to the bed too. I only plan on growing 6 tomato plants (2 rows of three plants) w/o anything else between the plants. I'll pull the plants out early if need be. In the Fallr, I might try adding shrimp meal (see thread in diesease/pest forum) and the mustard mix to the 7x4' bed.

DH is going to make me 6 homemade earthboxes. I plan to have 2 tomato plants in each box. I am also going to try growing 8 dwarf tomato plants (along w/bush beans, nasturiums, etc) in the bed.
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