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Although the event was cancelled, Virtex and his wife decided to come up anyway. We met at the picnic site, took a short hike, and then came back to my house to taste tomatoes and have lunch. He brought about 20 varieties, and I've got about that number growing here.

Standouts of his for me were Little Lucky (fantastically intense flavor) and Blush (a little less intense, but wonderful). Of mine that he hadn't tried, Sweet Ozark Orange (beautiful large orange slicer) and Ania (small and intense) seemed to win out.

The lunch obviously had to feature tomatoes, so we decided on bruschetta. Toasted Semifreddi's sour dough, Bozzano A2 olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh made mozzarella. Fantastic. If you haven't made mozzarella at home before, you should. It's delicious and easy:
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