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Oh, Mr Big, one of my favourite topics! I learned to love mushrooming with my Lithuanian born parents who came to Canada after WW2. I taught both my children how to find mushrooms and one of them has gone on to learn to identify many more varieties than I ever knew were safe to eat.

Here we go! Gotta start them young.
Come on Gramma!

NOT for eating. Some pretties along the way.

So nice to go up into the hills in autumn.

There's the road on the right.

Yes, gramma is a slow poke these days.

A nice fresh lobster mushroom. Their ammonia like taste does give them a lobsterish flavour, good with meat. (and tomatoes!)

Interesting sights along the way sometimes.

Mmmm. These are all good.

Anyone know this variety? I have no clue. It looks like ice in the moss.

Of course we found a few more to eat.

I dry lots of these and use them in soups.

Almost forgot the excellent Pine mushrooms my children learned to find.

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