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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Ginny, perhaps Vladimir will make a public seed offer here of the ones he's pictured, that's the way it should go, that is, rather than someone PMing someone individually for seeds.

Ilex, from Spain, who has been so helpful here is an SSE member and lists 73 varieties from Spain, and that's for SSE members only. I've already e-mailed him and told him roughly what I'd like and will wait to hear from him when he finishes doing seed production in the Fall.

I did check to see if Ilex was listing Zamorano, he wasn't,but I do expect to get some large red beefsteaks from him eventually. I mean we know one great one already, Couilles de Taureau, renamed in France from Huevos de Toro from Spain.

The other day I was in the backroom looking for a specific tomato variety and while I'd already told Ilex that I had no Spanish varieties that he probably didn't already know of , up popped an envelope labelled Fresa, yes, from Spain, that I've been offering in my annual seed offer.

Steve of Heritage Seeds has donated seeds for my seed offers in the past and this was one of them.

I agree Caroline. I have not sent Vladimir a pm asking for seeds. Rather I was inquiring on where to find the seeds for Zamorano to purchase in the future.

Yes, CDT is a wonderful, terrific tomato. I have been growing it every year since you first offered it in your seed offer a number of years ago. It had become one of my favorites since the first year I grew it out. It always does well for me.

So many wonderful varieties of Spanish tomatoes I have yet to try.


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