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Default Savoy Cabbage?

After a nice little stretch of warm and sunny afternoons in the upper 70's-low 80's, an incoming cold front has clouded up the skies and a cold northeasterly breeze is creating a wind chill of 49. The air feels damp as rain comes in later today. They're talking about the possibility of rough weather tomorrow. 'Tis the season when warm and cold fight it out and sometimes those fights get nasty.

Out in the garden are three open pollinated 'Savoy Perfection' cabbages. Seeds for all three were from the same pack. As I've never tried savoys before I only started three to see how they do.

The first one (at the top of the pic and below) is now developing two heads, one growing to the left and one to the right. Go figure. In this case two heads is probably not better than one.

The second one looks totally different than the other two. I don't know if it's a stray seed in the packet from a different savoy variety or what the heck it is. Interesting, though. It looks like it's starting to head up.

There's a possibility that the third one is the charm, one that looks like 'Savoy Perfection' is supposed to look. Maybe!

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