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Originally Posted by Dork Fish View Post
Well I think may plants have succumbed to downy mildew this stinks. Should I pull my plants or can I already them with something?
I'm really sorry about your basil. The same thing happened to me last July and I was so depressed. You can try to save it with Green Cure or Actinovate G, but I just pulled the plants, washed off the mildew, and used the stuff that looked okay. Then I dumped my pots into trash bags, soil and all. I wanted to get rid of the Spores of Death ASAP.

The thing that kills me is that we have the same darned conditions that caused it last year - tons of rain, cloudy days, and cool temps. If anything we've had more rain this year. I feel like spraying it for bugs and bringing it into the house!
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