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Originally Posted by timcunningham
Hi Emaewest,

I saw a documentary on Rubbermaid's relationship with walmart and now I understand why. Wallmart basically put them out of business. The documentary may or may not present all the facts, but Rubbermaid now makes everything overseas, and it seems the quality has suffered.
Tim, you might watch that documentary again. Rubbermaid was told by wal mart to lower their price, but the only way they could do that was through cheap chinese labor. They refused and lost out to some other company. Sterlite or something. I have two Rubbermaid containers on my deck. Both say "made in the usa." Lowes and Home Depot still sell Rubbermaid.

Wal Mart sells only things that can be made cheap. Most of the time, that means "made in China."

I apoligize for this post, I came on here b/c I'm struggling with containers of tomatoes on my deck. I just wanted to say that Rubbermaid was not thrown from wal mart b/c of quality. It was over a couple of pennies.

Tim is right, wal mart did nearly, and still may, cost Rubbermaid its business b/c they no longer have shelf space at wal mart.
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