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I did do that last year, but only at end of season. The plants had seem to have given out, there was very little new growth. At end of season I added Miracle grow to promote some new growth and I had tomatoes until late november. By december, I figured it was to cold so, I made a huge batch of fried green tomatoes.

I am not sure which post you are referring to directly, but I do know I do sometimes add miracle grow to the water. Last year I overfertilized in general, with the compost, fert strip, miracle grow and Seaweed / fish emulsion spray. That would explain why I had such incredibly HUGE plants, I mean massive Jungle Growth, but the yields.. not so much. I mean, it wasn't bad yields. But there was a lot more plant than fruit.

This year I am trying not make the same mistakes and applying what I learned from this Tomatoville Forum.
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