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When I got done with my container maters this past season end(March/May) I always dump my spent soil into yard around trees etc.The containers that I trialed with 100% Wonder soil had a perfect rootball,as in uniform root distribution and no girdling effect as the Pro Mix containers do.Seems like the roots grow evenly throughout the medium.Water intake was less per plant.Plants did develop faster and flower more evenly.I use a tray under each container and this is how I caliber my water intake amounts.The Wonder Soil plants would hold water better than the Pro Mix which seemed to run out faster that the WS.Next season I will be using a 50/50 mix.No hornworms in the WS.I know for a fact that the Pro Mix carries the hornworm larvae.All my container growth is in a screened in enclosed pool area,hence no outside insect vector(moths).Maybe I will contact the WS people for a bulk puchase discount,after I dissect the costs difference from using all WS and or all Pro Mix.
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