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Default Must be the eggs.

Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post

Moths are nocturnal so you wouldn't normally see them during the daytime. Since the hormworm is such a large caterpillar, the pupa that it forms would be about 2" long and 1/2" wide, so it wouldn't be difficult to detect in the potting soil, but I wouldn't blame you at all for buying a different medium next time if you think they are hiding out in the Pro-mix.

As a Canadian, I think it's a really neat idea to send all our Hornworms to the US , hidden in Pro-mix

Did some research if the eggs(small)were on the plant material at time of collection and survived the compaction and maybe winter freeze process it is possible.The Pro Mix does have its fair share of twigs and sticks,so it is all not the peat and whatever they claim.Also the distributor for the USA portion is in PA.,chances are they compact large quantities there.In short if I would see a moth that has a 4" wingspan flying around in the enclosure(and I do spend a lot of evening hours gardening/swimming at night) I would notice it.I do not mind the maybe three or four worms I encounter per season we all must eat,keeps some of my lizards active(wild running around).When I see 20-30 then I will be worried.I buy 5-6 bales per season for all the other growths.Problem I have is the screened in enclosure is a isolated growing area with no real beneficial predators to keep things in check.I am glad for the Canadian Pro Mix product.Most of our nurseries and farms here use it for the ornamentals and other planting mediums.

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