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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
Nice! Was the area forest at one time? Because forest floor is good soil to start with.

If you have fallen leaves in the fall, vacuum them up & chop them up with a leaf blower/mulcher. Leaves & grass clippings will make great top dressing that will decompose into good soil.


Yep, forest. About 100 years old. The best info that we can obtain is that Tobacco was grown here, previous to that. And that actually brings up something interesting. The soil is 10000% different then anything I have ever tilled. It is very loose. Almost like it has extra sand in it. My tiller was loosing traction on the second pass, I had to push the tiller in certain areas.

As far as leaves go, the compost place gives away leaf mulch, free of charge. Just show up with a truck, they load up as much as you want.
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