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Another quick update. This morning went to the Compost place for more Leaf Mulch. While I was waiting for the Front End Loader to show up, I snapped a picture. I was getting ready to get my rake out of the bed, and thought "why not!"

Now that my friends is a pile of Leaf Mulch. Something that impresses me about the stuff.... it DOES NOT compact. You can see the tire marks from the equipment they use. You can just fluff it right back up, easy as can be.

Got the lower end filled in with the Leaf Mulch. Im guessing its going to take probably 6 more truck loads to cover the entire area. Going back tomorrow for more. Then possibly Friday morning as well. Fri. is iffy because I usually spend the better part of the day getting stuff ready for the Farmers Mkt. on Saturday morning.

I want to show you this image. Looking at it, I know it looks like nothing special. But theres more to it...

Yesterday I was out walking around behind the new garden plot. I was eyeing an area for an Orchard that I have plans to put in, one day. As I was walking, right in this area, my left foot sunk down, then my right foot. The soil right here is even softer then the garden plot. This hole, I just used my shoe and was able to easily dig down about 4 to 5 inches.

This is the power of nature. When we had the property timbered, it was then mulched. I had a guy come in with a Bob Cat with a Grinder on the front. He drove around mulching anything and everything in his sight. He couldnt grind everything, but he got a very large portion of it.

The mulch just layed there. Now its nearly gone. Nature took back and made some really nice soil.

I look at it now, now its my job to keep feeding it.
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