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Originally Posted by friedgreen51 View Post
Hi Bill,
Thank you for the thorough, detailed information on the Gray Mold disease. That took a lot of your time to write out all that information. I thought it was strange that it seemed to be limited to my Black Cherry tomatoes while others right beside it are unfazed.
I walked down to the garden today after work and guess what, my Cherokee Carbon has some of the same symptoms, although it seems to be less advanced on these. I am spraying them all (Black Cherry and Cherokee Carbon) tonight with the Bleach Treatment per your mixing directions. Is Daconil the best follow-up spray? I also have some Dragoon Dust with Copper that I can use my duster with.
I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and your willingness to share and teach others. Your are a great Tomatoville member.
If you are having Gray Mold issues then Daconil isn't the best follow up spray. Use a copper spray and make sure to spray the all surfaces top and bottom. Use it at the lowest recommended rate and after a heavy rain use it again; but otherwise use it about every 10 days. I will be applying it to all my tomatoes today as we had a good rain yesterday and might have another small shower this morning early. I don't know how a copper dust would work as I have always used a spray and it is fairly cheap and easy to use.

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