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Originally Posted by My Foot Smells View Post
just ordered 25 bulbs for 9.99 from bonanza (missourijack), never grown before. I read this is actually a leak.

after some short reading on the net, some ppl say put in the freezer for a few weeks and plant later in the year for southern climate. never done that either, any thoughts?

also read that customary to plant on short day (12/21) and harvest on longest day (06/21) or thereabouts. never done that neither. usually plant in late October, but may wait till turkey day.
I haven't put them in the freezer. I just put the Elephant garlic in the refrigerator a couple weeks before planting.

I planted ours last December 21 (Shortest day) and it was ready in June. I don't think planting a month earlier would hurt a thing unless the ground temperature is still pretty hot. I just remembered where I read that

Temperature. Garlic germinates in soil temperature of 55°F and grows best in soil temperatures ranging from 55°F to 75°F (13-24°C). Garlic that has established roots will overwinter best.
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