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Thinking about the beta linkage... Last year I grew six F3 plants of a heart or paste shaped selection - from an F2 that was Beta/- (orange-red) and indeterminate. I expected to get 1/4 (roughly!) that was Beta/Beta and determinate because of the linkage (Zolotoe Serdtse parent line), but instead I had more Beta/- indeterminates again and no determinates at all in the six.

You made that great post about odds awhile ago, do you think you could up the ante just by growing more plants from your F2 or F3? I thought the result was 'unlucky' for me but it's not out of the question with half dozen plants.

I also like your strategy of crossing unstable generations, and of crossing sp/Beta with indeterminate Beta, where both conditions are linked, what will happen? Would be nice to see the result of some larger numbers in that cross.
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