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Default Source for Mareko Fana seeds in Canada?

I'm looking for a source for Mareko Fana seeds either located in or that ships to Canada. I'm hoping someone here may know of one.

I tried a few sellers over the past couple of years that sold "Ethiopian Brown" pepper seeds, however these ended up being the wrong varieties (none were Mareko Fana).

Unfortunately none of the reputable sellers that I could find that carry Mareko Fana seeds in the USA ship to Canada at this time.

If anyone knows of any sources for any of the Mareko Fana alternative varieties used in the making of Ethiopian Berbere spice such as Melka Awaze, Melka Eshet, or Bako Local that would be great too!

I've been on a quest to find and try growing these peppers here in the North for a few years now, and am hoping this will be the year.
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