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Originally Posted by shelleybean View Post
Roper, I use my regular lawn/yard crew to bring my compost and put it in the beds for me. They can get the Nutrigreen or get me mushroom compost from Pa and I opt for the mushroom compost. This will be my third year using it and I've been happy with it. I'm not sure where you are in Va Beach but I'm up near Shore Drive. My lawn service is TJ's. They are taking orders for compost now.
Thanks, I usually buy mushroom compost and cow manure/compost mix from home
depot by the bags. I don't need much. Just need to top off the beds.. I live in Kings
Grant, near Kingston Elementary School. Today I went to the Garden Show at the
the Convention Center. A vender was selling coco coir for $27 a block. No, thanks,
I can buy a 3.5 bale of pro-mix for that price.
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