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If you are up in the mountains of El Dorado County, California....I taught as a substitute teacher at the Grizzly Pines Elementary School years ago....I know the area fairly well. It was a 45 mile way out of Folsom, therefore I did not make it a habit, but what a beautiful trek!

My guess is that at this date...just a bit late for seedling potatoes to do well with the low levels of light coming up...I would wait til Spring. Of course, if you have a well lit area or a greenhouse, now is an OK time. Might as well try for both seasons.

I have potato berries ready for me to pick and it will keep me busy all Fall and Winter to extract the seed. Any variety or new experimental line has to be sampled for a tuber or two in order to describe the seed envelopes with flavor components. Yesterday I sampled about 9 selections of hybrids of Skagit Valley Gold to some other diploids, and my visitor guest liked the flavors too!

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