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Default Onions 2018

Last year (2017), I close to giving up on gardening when I learned that our garden soil is not only contaminated with RKN but it also has Fusarium race 3 running rampant in it. A lot of thoughts went through my head and I shared some of them here at Tomatoville in many threads. Garlic planting time in October 'for me' came and passed - I didn't plant garlic. The garden was growing weeds just fine though.

January is here now, and that is onion planting time in zone 8A Texas. So today, I planted a row of onions. (A row is 100' long = 30.48 meters) I didn't plant them where I usually do in what we call, "The onion bed". That bed is 35' long between gates in the fencing, but is located outside the fence. Our son and family moving in with us meant their dog was included and she loves laying in the fallen oak leaves. Well, the Onion bed traps leaves as it is on the northwestern side of the garden.

I talked it over with my wife and we are thinking of planting marigolds in the old onion bed along with some morning glories. Cacti is another thought. Something nice to look at. The old onion bed has a nice cut limestone boarder around it.
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