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Default Mix for Transplanting Peppers to Containers and Grow Bags

I am getting ready to transplant my over-wintered peppers, eggplants and one pepper seedling. I have the following:

Miracle Gro Garden Soil
Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Soil
Soil Conditioner
Miracle Gro Peat Moss (Not Much)
Left Over Potting Mix From Last Year

Black Cow Compost
Mushroom Compost
Homemade Compost

Floor Dry

Osmocote Flower & Vegetable Plant Food (14-14-14)
Tomato-tone (3-4-6)
Garden-tone (3-4-4)
Jobe’s Fast Start (4-4-2)
Bone Meal (3-16-0)
Garden Lime

Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1)
Miracle-Gro Plant Food (24-8-16)
Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed (12-4-8)

I am hoping that I can use what I already have and not have to get other stuff but my primary goal is to get production before the big heat of July sets in.

Do I have the components for a good potting mix, if so what proportions?

What should be my fertilizing schedule?

I also have this same question for tomatoes but my seedlings are not ready yet.

Another question are there certain plants that do better in grow bags versus containers or vice versa?
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