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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the encouragement, but also it's prep for what might not be so great too. I've since read some positive reviews and a few not so much about planting garlic without cloves, especially after soaking. The lack of curing will be the fear factor here.

Today I prepared up an in ground garlic bed in virgin soil by cutting holes in existing Pro5 fabric, at the country location where I had the animal digging up my plants fiasco this spring.
Instead of using the smelly organic 10-10-10 I mixed a teaspoon of bagged worm castings in each hole. After the predicted storms tomorrow I'll poke the cloves in. I hope this will be enough nutrient to get them going. I'll mulch with bagged pine bark and hope it doesn't float away.
From what I read animals don't like garlic sprinkled around the garden.

- Lisa
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