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I'm a concerned about my garlic planting and would like some opinions to tide me through thinking about this over the winter.

I planted in late October which is well within the time frame for my zone. I've had friend that had a garlic farm back in the day and planted in December the day before it snowed and still had a good harvest.

The problem it it has been warm and DRY, very dry, record dry, DRY. I watered it at planting and there hasn't been any rain since then.I waited about two weeks before covering with straw to keep the soil warming. so it was DRY. I did one additional hand watering with buckets.The hoses were removed and the system drained so too late to turn back time and keep watering things available. And its been sunny, warmer than normal, and windy. A newspaper article was suggesting prioritizing watering the garden by hand this weekend... it is that dry. I have't seen any sign of above ground growth. Very unsettling. Anyone have a dry period after planting?

- Lisa
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