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Thank you for a little peace of mind for the next few months, bower and brownrexx. I think it was two years ago that I was agonizing over having too much top growth in the fall.

It hasn't rained here since Oct 6. Along with this comes sunny days, temps 20 degrees above normal and lots of wind. The in ground rows I am growing in are clay but lightly tilled first year beds, two of the sandy 18 inch raised beds that I weeded the heck out of from last year and two smaller new to me heavily amended four inch tall raised beds. So there was no significant moisture source from below in the sandy areas.

One bed was primarily late-harvested bulbs dug and immediately replanted. Half the other 80 cloves were saved but small-medium, cloves from 18 bulbs locally grown purchased online small-medium and a 2 pounds of good sized Keene seed stock. I was hoping for future seed stock but prepared for a culinary harvest as well. Love garlic so fingers crossed.

- Lisa
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