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Default greenhouse garlic rounds looking ready for spring planting

Planted some bulbils in pots in the greenhouse late fall/winter and they were up in February and now are looking close or ready to harvest. They flopped over awhile ago (which I thought might be the environment not the timing - is a usual sign they are ready). Now I see the lower leaf starting to yellow on several of the varieties so pretty sure they are about done.
Just for reference, the same varieties of bulbils planted outdoors are barely up or not yet through the ground. The main crop from cloves is doing well for the time of year but bulbils are always later. We normally harvest garlic here the first week of August or later.

So I am wondering, if I pull these greenhouse rounds so early, can I set them to grow again this summer outdoors? I think they're wanting to go dormant, so I would have to dry them a bit as usual... I'm wondering what kind of treatment if any they would need, to sprout and grow again pronto. Chilling too perhaps? Is there a minimum time that they need to be dormant before planting again? Or could I just give them a haircut and transplant outdoors where the growing season is just beginning?
I really don't mind if they divide or just make bigger rounds, but it seems a shame to put them into storage for the whole summer ahead.

TIA for your thoughts/advice.
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