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Originally Posted by meganp View Post
Did you leave any scapes on the plants? You mentioned that you'd planted some bulbils, do you remember how many and size and shape of the bumbles per umbel? Purple Stripe bulbils are small rice grained and numerous often with lots of flowers. MPS bulbils much larger and 50-100 per umbel. Standard PS have more cloves per bulb and MPS fewer cloves that are fatter. Here's a good reference site with photos of whole bulbs and cloves to help decide on varietal group.
bumbles per umbel I still love that!
Something made me remember to go get them before they're all gone.
14, 15, 28,25,23,11 from six that were left at the side of the house, from bulbs planted 2 years back but unharvested. Shady spot. Wrappers are mostly gone and some may have already dropped. Doesn't really mean much, but definitely not hundreds. The third pic includes a bulb from the harvest in July, containing 8 cloves plus 1 big clove that felt like 3 and fractured when I tried to split it just now. I think that would have sprouted 3 tops and formed 3 bulbs had I planted it.

Back in July I was thinking they get about 2-3 dozen bulbils in each, but I didn't have any left to check from that harvest. This is how they typically look. Thinking about it, the garlic here has walked and gone to bulbils and true seed since the early 70s until the last few years; the original owners bought the house in late 50s and they brought the garlic. I expect what remains is well adapted for this locale.

The last pic is what that garlic bed looks like now with beans and just looked so EMPTY after early July harvest something HAD to go in there!
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