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Thanks! They do look good right now, and are a nice contrast to the bare beds with tiny sprouts just coming up. This pretty much grows itself, since it is so well acclimated. All I've done is harvest, dry/cure and re-plant it at roughly the right time into broadforked beds with lots of good compost and a little 10-10-10. It still looks the same as the walking stuff, just bigger bulbs and much easier to dig up.

I used the biggest bulbs for planting the raised box, but still had nice ones for over at the comm garden. This garlic has a lot of cloves per bulb, maybe 12? From the outside it might look like big cloves but upon bulb breakage the big ones may be doubles or even triples. So I end up planting perhaps 2-5 of the cloves from each broken bulb, maybe planting a big tight double clove as twins, and putting the rest of the smaller cloves into a brown bag for first cooking use.

It was not so long ago when we would dig some up in May just to get them out of the way for tomatoes, move the clumps somewhere else in the garden, and not dig any up to eat until they were well past prime. Any and all improvement is due to the posts here on tomatoville.
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