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I have to say I love that smell of garlic just harvested. One year my son and DIL were coming to visit just at the right time, I hung the garlic in the front porch so they would be greeted by that lovely aroma! The best garlic smell ever I've smelled is Spanish Roja at harvest time. Good heavens! Some folks were walking down the lane as I dug the SR's at the farm one fine summer day, and they stopped to ask what is that wonderful smell! And that is walking along maybe 80 ft away from me in an open field. Fantastically smelly.... you must try some for the neighbors ..
Unable to find it for sale here.

But I do have my eye on two hardnecks that may work ok in the UK.

Carcassonne Wight which the farmers on the Isle of wight say is the best hardneck for our climate.

And the other is Doocot which I know is grown in Scotland on a commercial farm so must do ok I guess.

Tempted to try elephant garlic also but only a few.
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