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I've been growing garlic for > 10 years, and I beat myself up every year over which heads to use for cooking, and which to save for next year.

My brain says, 'See those perfect and huge heads? You can't eat those! Put them aside, they go back in the ground in a few months. See those average and smaller heads? There, those are the ones you can use.' I end up dejectedly trying to peel a bunch of teeny cloves, while staring lovingly at the perfect specimens and telling myself to stop staring at them.

In effect, I'm punishing myself for growing large heads.

Reminds me of the living room furniture 50+ years ago at my parents' place. Brand new meticulously placed furniture that I wasn't allowed to sit upon, as "The living room is for COMPANY!" One chair had the plastic on it for years, perhaps my mom was saving that one for special, like if Frank Sinatra or the Pope should stop by. (I don't think I'm kidding!)
Identifying garlic is done mostly by consensus. Many are like trying to identify the difference between twins.
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