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The German hardneck sounds like a great variety. Two years from bulbils is a real score.

Music grown from bulbils was my first garlic ever, and the crazy thing is, they size up really quick even though the bulbils are small and the rounds are not enormous either. Mine have always had four cloves per bulb most of the time, so you end up with a bigger clove for planting. Another porcelain which came from Bonavista was a miss somewhere in the perennial beds, but a couple of years later I found it had produced one really enormous round - that produced a good sized bulb and now it is one of my main crop varieties.
I have even grown Music from bulbils a second time, just to increase my planting stock. It's a great way to try new varieties, but it's also a hedge against losing your stock for any reason in a bad year... especially if they grow up fast! So I want to tweak my methods to make sure I get the best possible survivorship at the small stages.
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