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Originally Posted by gorbelly View Post
Looking great, WilburMartin!

I'm super happy with my eggplants as well, though they are in the ground. I keep hearing that they do really great in containers, though, so I might move them to my large containers and plant my dwarf tomatoes in the ground next year.

My Mitoyo eggplant could really be an ornamental plant if not for the flea beetle damage. It's a really gorgeous plant, with dark purple shading on the foliage and the usual beautiful lavender eggplant flowers. Even the satiny black fruit with black calyxes are pretty!
I like eggplant almost as much as tomatoes - may have to adjust my selection and just grow eggplant and tomatoes next year
"Ain't nothin' in the world that I like better than bacon and lettuce, and home-grown tomatoes."
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