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Default Salsa Violeta (purple tomatillo salsa)

Salsa Violeta

From Spain comes this great alternative salsa recipe. The combination of sweet & hot makes this a flavorful sauce served over cooked chicken breasts or slices of pork roast.

16 cups processed purple tomatillo’s (Dropped in boiling water for 5 minutes and run through food/tomato mill.)

8 cups seeded, chopped bell peppers or long, green mild chili’s

1 ˝ cups lime juice

1 cup any red wine

4 cups sugar

2 tblsp cumin

5 tblsp oregano

2 tblsp sea salt

2 tsp black pepper

Jalapenos to taste ( I use ten, seeded and diced for a “medium” hot flavor)

Add all ingredients to large pot. Bring to boil, lower heat, simmer 30 minutes.

Drain through colander reserving liquid. Place solids in large pot and add reserved liquid until desired consistency is achieved. I end up only using about 1/3 of the liquid so I have a nice thick salsa.

It is necessary to drain excess liquid as cooking the mixture too much dims the vibrant purple color.

Fill pint jars and process 15 minutes in a boiling water bath.

I grew a large purple tomatillo from Baker Creek. These were golf-ball sized to even bigger. They are considerably larger than the standard jaw breaker sized purple tomatillos you usually see.
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