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Probably all due to different climates, but i've always harvested after first Fall frost,
green tops removed, bucket washed while still in the garden area. To remove soil.
Haul to the barn to dry out of any noticeable moisture, then packed in gal freezer
zip-locks with a few nicked holes and into a lower crisper drawer. A spare fridge in the
barn just for garden harvest.

Keeps fresh/crisp through the newYear...4-5 months but usually gone by then.

I've always thought that removing the garden soil contact layer would speed up
deterioration. Exposing surface moisture.
The 3M red/maroon scrub pad is what i use for cleaning before eating.
No peeler needed.

-just don't leave that sucka' anywhere near the kitchen. If a family member or visitor
gets ahold of it and doesn't know, your appliances and surfaces will be ruined. Too
abrasive for most home cleaning...

But you must be using the green kitchen approved pad. 3M also makes a green that is
confusing as it is also very abrasive.

Curious to find out how long they will keep cleaned up that way. Would sure be handy
liking to snack on raw carrots but i don't usually mind an un-peeled carrot. For guests
and family gatherings i do like to scrub off the minor 'skin' layer. The tiny dirt ribbing.
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