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Ken B
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hi Carolyn --

Ivan has had good flavor, but just OK production so far. We're starting to get more Septoria in our trial patch now, so it'll be interesting to see how it holds up over the next few weeks.

I wrote down the name wrong -- it's "Mason Marvel, Ph.D." -- Mason Marvel was part of the group that worked on West Virginia 63 tomato. Back in the '50s, he collected WV heirlooms with Late Blight resistance for the project. This tomato's a big pink heirloom-type that emerged during the breeding work -- Mason kept it going as his own private project for 55+ years -- he gave seed to Florida grower Herman Holley, who passed it on to us. It's really good! We're saving a small amount of seed this year, will do a larger growout next year.

Yellow Centiflor -- we like it a lot! We're growing the seed crop here on our own farm. Nice flavor, really productive, good vigor. It's got a lot of size variability -- from dwarf to determinate/short indeterminate; Irena's saved a stock selection, I'm guessing that she's selected for shorter plants for our next seed crop growout.
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