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Thank you Carolyn for saving me much time!

It is just absolutely mind boggling that Livingston's Acme tomato which used to be a main market staple around the country and was sold by Livingston from 1875-1940 (and many other seed catalogs) is extinct.

Trophy, Paragon, etc are still around and thriving in many gardens around the country and abroad.

I still have hope that someone, somewhere is still growing it, or a packet of Acme seed is sitting in a grandparents' house or in a museum somewhere.

Speaking of which, when I was at the Greenfield Village a few years ago, I thought I remembered seeing an old display of seeds (packets were full) in that old General Store. I remember starting to say something to my wife but then the kids ran out so I got pulled away and I forgot all about that display til now. I might have to go do another trip and take some pics of those seed packets if they still have them. Ya never know what's in there...
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