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Default The KARMA Project

KarenO and Ginger 2778

KARen and MArsha

The KARMA project

I made a cross this summer with the goal in mind of an early potato leaf fancy cherry from a cross between Ambrosia Gold (early, tasty, cherry, strong RL plant) x Captain Lucky- midseason vigorous delicious tricolour potato leaf plant. medium to large fruit.
hoping we can produce a cherry with special colour like a bicolour, tricolour or pink/black with super taste on a vigorous early midseason PL plant to carry forward. If we are really lucky, there could be more than one but one is what we are hoping for to start.
Marsha gardens in Zone 10B in Florida and can garden in the winter. We came up with the idea to be partners and pass seed back and forth between us to speed up the stabilization process if we get an interesting cherry to work with.

My Zone 3 growing season is about 120 days and from June to September which severely limits my tomato growing to a single season. Sending seed north to south and back and forth the two of us can cut the time in half that it will take to stabilize it Some of you might remember me growing out F1 beefsteaks over winter in my kitchen to save a year but with my Friend Marsha as a partner I don't have to do that again. lol

I sent Marsha F1 seed from the cross a couple of weeks ago and she has started growing the seedlings. I will wait and see what she posts once she sees this thread because she might have babies growing soon!

Thank you Marsha for agreeing to work on this with me and I am excited to see how the F1's turn out. Cross your fingers for us folks and follow along!


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