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here in Northern Alberta I grow more zucchini that I could possibly use outside in my open garden. I don't think it would do well in a greenhouse due to it susceptibility to fungus, powdery mildew especially.

Start it in your GH to give it a head start about 4-6 weeks and then carefully transplant the seedlings without disturbing the roots about the first week of June into a full sun in a warm hill of soil. mulch to prevent splash up of soil when it rains, shield from strong wind until growing well, fertilize with a cup of slow release granular over and around the hill, keep them watered but don't wet the foliage and you will be giving zucchini to your neighbors and anyone else who will take it. They key in a more northerly garden as far as I'm concerned is to give them a head start and transplant carefully into warm soil. They can also be direct sown but you will get earlier fruit for a longer period if you sow inside first. Remember, they are called summer squash for a reason, they only produce in the summer, June to August in a good year.
For me, The plants get too large for a greenhouse unless yours is really big and also you need insects to pollinate squash in order to get fruits.
For varieties, I like black beauty, eight ball and golden queen but I think any Hybrid and most old fashioned ones will produce well outdoors in my area.


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