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Default Tomatillo failure and success

Last winter I started doing a little Mexican food cooking and bought tomatillos from a nearby supermarket. They were all about 2.5"-3" across. On a lark, I bought a packet of seeds and planted a few along with my usual tomatoes. They came up big and strong and were the healthiest plants in my garden all season. Even today, with all of my tomato plants looking like the Addams' Family garden, the tomatillos are green and still flowering. Tons of fruit everywhere.

The problem is that none of the fruit are very big. The largest in the garden is less than 2", and the rest range from 1" to barely perceptible. The husks are all looking good, but they're mostly hollow inside with tiny inhabitants.

I live near Boston and while I've got enough sun for tomatoes, maybe there's not enough for these. Is this normal?

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