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Default Garden Pot Question?

Last summer, my current favorite variety, Galahad F1, had a tendency to dry out and wilt (slightly). I can't really hook up an irrigation system where these will be located, so thought I'd go with the next bigger pot size. I'll only use two of these larger pots, so the extra potting mix is not an issue to me.

I'm getting ready to order a few 15-gallon fabric pots. I have narrowed my choices to two very similar types:
The first has dimensions of 20" dia. X 13" tall (apx 2.2 ft3)

The second has dimensions of 16" dia. X 20" tall (apx 2.3 ft3)
The prices are essentially the same.

Primarily for larger determinate tomatoes, will I likely be better with a bigger diameter (for perhaps better root spread) -or- taller which might have less evaporation? Or does it really make much difference?
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