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Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
Scooty... Is there alot of difference between the eggplants from Thailand and Japanese?

With some of the ones I got saying they are pea to plum size, it doesn't sound like they would easily make eggplant parmesan. So how do folks eat these?
I dunno about a difference in yield or taste between Thai or Japanese eggplants. I haven't grown the grown the first. I vaguely recall eating a Thai green eggplant when I was traveling once, but I'm not huge on eggplants to begin with, so I can't really remember enough to compare it. Though, I can say that the difference between the long thin chinese and japanese eggplants varieties is very subtle.

As far as using them, Kamo is probably half the size of something like Black Beauty. Due to availability, I've know of expats subbing in asian eggplants over those traditionally used in the mediterranean, and usually, they simply use more of them size fruit size is smaller. On the other hand, some people actually choose to use japanese eggplants over italian vars for their eggplant parmesan because they're looking for a creamer texture or milder taste. So it all depends.

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