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Originally Posted by My Foot Smells View Post
Does it matter if there are a few beer boxes thrown in the mix, and maybe a cardboard box of two?

The "fires" consist of many things, to include disposed plants, trimmed limbs, etc...

Currently I have a small bushel of mowed grass on the pit, oak limbs, elm limbs, a dead bush, sticks and small pecan limbs; and i am working on a beer box this week that will be added.
No it don't matter. As long as there's no paints, chemicals or plastics in it, it's fine. The majority of the ash will be from all the wood. The little bit of ink on a beer box is nothing, it will burn away. And don't sift out the charred bits either. If your fires don't get enough oxygen and it just smolders like when you throw grass clippings on it, then it makes bio char which is really good for the soil.

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